AC Repair in Gurgaon

AC Repair in Gurgaon

AirAC Cooling Solutions, number #1 in AC repair in Gurgaon, AC Service. An air conditioner is now a common household electronic device in Gurgaon.

It has become a necessity to combat the sweltering summer heat and the high humidity during the monsoon months. Almost every home possesses at least one air conditioner nowadays. So it is very mandatory of buying AC service or repair in Gurgaon.

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An Annual Maintenance Contract is an agreement with an AC service company entrusting them with the responsibility of maintaining your Air Conditioner and providing skilled and technical assistance whenever required. You pay them a fixed sum of money every year which includes a list of services that they will provide you.

What does an AC Repair in Gurgaon (Annual Contract) Cover?

There is no fixed list of services and these could vary from one Service Company to another, however, in general, most AC service companies offer similar services such as:

  • Regular servicing: It is important to regularly service your air conditioner. The main act of servicing comprises of washing out the insides and removing the dust and dirt that gathers around the compressor, condenser and filters. The bulk and weight of the air conditioner prevent people from being able to perform this simple act of cleaning on their own.
  • Immediate service: When your air conditioner is covered under an AMC and a problem arises with it; you have a service company at hand who will provide you with an immediate service. Without an AMC contract, you will get service but it may not be as prompt and committed especially during a busy season. Your AMC service company is compelled to send you a technician on an immediate basis based on the contract you have with them under the maintenance contract.
  • Technical assistance: Some models of air conditioners, especially those with the electronic control panel tend to reflect an error every now and then. At times this also prevents the air conditioner from working. An air conditioner service company can provide technical assistance over the phone and guide you as to what you need to do to get your air conditioner working again. This is in the event of a minor problem with the settings.
  • Repair: If your air conditioner stops working or malfunctions you call the service company. They will send a skilled and qualified technician to look into the problem and repair it. Depending on the type of contract you have and what it covers this repair may not even cost you anything extra.

Why do you need an AC Service Repair in Gurgaon (Annual Maintenance) Contract?

One of the primary reasons that people opt for an Annual Maintenance Contract is because it relieves them of the headache of having to look for an air conditioner service person when they need one. We also provide Best hire Window AC on rent in Gurgaon. Most people who own an air conditioner have some regular guy whom they call whenever they need. But there are times when he may not be available due to other work or his own personal reasons. In such a situation you are quite harried and scout about for some other air conditioner technician to tend to your problem. The harassment is something that you can certainly do without in your already brimming life.

When you have an Annual Maintenance Contract for your air conditioners you just need to call the Service Company and they will send someone over within the stipulated time frame based on the contract. The advantage is that they never make excuses of not having an available engineer or anything else, they have a contract with you and they uphold their end of the bargain.

Installing and removing an air conditioner

Installing an air conditioner or removing it is not a job for an ordinary person, this requires a person who is experienced in the task and knows what they are doing. If your air conditioner is covered under an Annual Maintenance Contract then you do not need to worry about installation and removal, the AC service company will do the needful and spare you the hassle of having to find someone to handle the task.

Types of AC repair in Gurgaon

In general, there are two major types of Annual Maintenance Contract for an air conditioner.

  1. Ordinary: An ordinary AMC includes the general servicing, technical support and minor repairs.
  2. Comprehensive: A comprehensive AMC includes repair of major parts like the compressor which is the main component of the air conditioner. It may also include filling of refrigerant gas in case of leakage and welding the leak.

At the onset, it is important to decide which kind of maintenance contract you would like to take. While a comprehensive maintenance contract may be more expensive it is worthwhile if your air conditioner is an older model and gives problems often. For a comparatively newer model of an air conditioner, an ordinary maintenance contract will suffice. The state of your air conditioner is an important factor based on which you choose the type of maintenance contract to sign up for.

Types of air conditioners

The window air conditioner is the most common and the type that is found in most homes. Usually, people use a 1.5-ton air conditioner for a standard size room. For a small room, one can use a 1 ton or even a .75 ton.

The lower the tonnage, the lesser the power consumption of the air conditioner. The other type of air conditioner is the split AC. This comes in a two unit style where one part is mounted on the wall inside the room and the fan unit is placed outside the room in an open area.

The split air conditioner is more effective in cooling a room as compared to a window air conditioner and is also more economical on power consumption. It is, however, tedious to install and remove and also a more expensive proposition.

A split air conditioner has better louvers to circulate the cool air all across the room. Some of the split air conditioners even have four-way motorized louvers which are extremely effective to circulate the cool air.

split AC repair in Gurgaon

Air conditioner service company requirements:

What do you look for in a service company? The criteria may vary from individual to individual based on their prior experience and their need, but in general, most people desire the same things in a roundabout manner.

  • Quick service: The one thing that we always desire is immediate service. Life is moving at a fast pace and delays just don’t suit our lifestyle.
  • Competent technicians: A good AMC service company will have a panel of qualified, decent and well-mannered technicians who know their job. It is always important to have people in your house who are decent and respectable. Most importantly the technician should be well versed with his job and be able to do it without a glitch.
  • Reasonably priced: Cost is always an area of concern for everyone. Some service companies offer the basic services and keep the AMC cost low while some others offer additional services and charge a bit more for these perks. You need to decide what kind of services you would need and also what your approximate budget is.
  • Reliable and trustworthy: It is most important to ensure that the service engineers and technicians for your air conditioner are reliable and completely trustworthy. You are letting them not just into your home but into your bedroom. With an air conditioner service company they usually take on the responsibility to ensure that their staff are of good character.
  • Doorstep service: Some service companies expect you to take your home appliance to them for repair or service. This is usually not the case for an air conditioner, however, it is important to ensure that door to door service is included for the air conditioner Annual Maintenance Contract.

Improve efficiency of your AC

Most people are not aware that you can actually improve the efficiency of your air conditioner and have it work better.

  • Regular service: the extremely dry weather of Gurgaon is always polluted with dust. This dust creeps into every area of our house including the air conditioner. The air conditioner has a lot to do with air circulation in its normal course of functioning and hence the collection of dust inside the unit clogs the filter. Keeping the condenser clean is also very important.
  • Keeping the filter clean: The air conditioner sucks air in through the filter which it cooled and then expels this cooled air through the vents. It is very important to clean the air filter as a clogged filter could hamper the proper functioning of the air conditioner.
  • Ventilation fins: It is essential to ensure that the ventilation fins are totally open. This can limit the flow of cold air coming into the room. Sometimes the fins tend to close or droop. If you have young children in the house they may play with the fins and close them which makes your air conditioner less effective by hampering a good flow of cooled air.
  • Shading the unit: If your air conditioner unit is placed in a shady area you will get better and more effective cooling. This is however not always possible especially in a flat. Installing an awning over the window for shade is a good idea. For lower floor rooms one can ensure that the air conditioner is placed in the shade of a tree or other foliage.

By taking our service of AC repair in Gurgaon Improves the efficiency of your air conditioner and also reduces the power consumption and help reduce your electricity bill.

Minimize your power bills

An Air conditioner consumes a lot of power and many people wonder if there is any way to reduce the power consumption. There are a few suggestions which could be followed and make logical sense.

One such practical suggestion is to turn the thermostat to low and make the room cold and then switch off the air conditioner as against setting the temperature to a comfortable 18°C -22°C and running it continuously.

When the room starts to warm up a little you can switch on the air conditioner once again. With this, you are running the air conditioner for short duration and switch it off for the rest of the time.

You will notice that your air conditioner is running for less than 50% of the duration that you would usually run it.

The filter of the air conditioner needs to be kept clean. It gathers dust and puts more strain on the compressor which sometimes causes it to consume more power.

A filter that is cleaned regularly can help reduce the power consumption of your air conditioner. Other electronic items that generate heat like TV, computers, lamps, iron etc. should be kept at a distance from the air conditioner as it could affect its cooling power.

Running the fan together with the air conditioner helps to cool the whole room evenly. Without the fan, the hot air rises and gathers near the ceiling, as soon as you switch off the air conditioner and switch on the fan the hot air gets circulated by the fan and comes rushing down.

The inverter technology air conditioners are said to help save power consumption. Air conditioners that have a high energy efficiency rating also consume less electricity, however, they are more expensive than the models with a lower energy efficiency rating.

The brand of an air conditioner plays an important role in the power consumption. It is worth noting that a good brand air conditioner is energy efficient as compared to a cheaper lesser known brand. Though a local brand may be a cheaper investment, in the long run, it will dig a hole in your pocket with huge electricity bills.

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